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Alvin and Tony welcome you to the Saxon Motors Web Site. We specialise in importing Japanese MPVs. New stock arriving regularly. All cars advertised are in stock in UK
or in transit from Japan.
Our current car of the week is a MITSUBISHI DELICA CHAMONIX AUTO 2005
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Car of the week


Mitsubishi Space Gear 2005, 59,000 Miles, Petrol, 2,970cc, 8 Seats, MPV, Right-hand drive, 4 Door, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Rear seat belts, Four Wheel Drive, Colour, Black, Exterior, Alloy Wheels, Metallic Paint, Yes, Interior/Comfort Options, Air Conditioning, Climate Control, Central Locking, Leather Seats, Electric Windows, Power-assisted Steering (PAS), Tilt Steering Wheel, Reg. Date, 2005-06-01, In-Car Audio, AM/FM Stereo, Cassette Player, CD Player, Service History, Yes, Transmission, Automatic, Previous owners excl. current, 1. Grade 4, Metallic Black, Half Leather, Auto Side Step, Factory Alloys, Non Smoker, Japanese Service History, BMTA Certificate Available, Optional 2/4wd, Superb Example. Now arrived. £10,995.


Please feel free to contact us using the form below or
call on  07889 424 719 or 01202 479 688


Saxon Motors
Saxon Motors is a small friendly used car dealer in Bournemouth, Dorset. We supply Japanese import vehicles throughout the UK  We have been established for over 20 years.  
All our vehicles are checked by H. M. Customs and by Interpol so you have complete piece of mind.
Our proven philosophy is to provide the best vehicles with the best service we can which includes advice, warranties, personal service (with a smile) but most of all honesty.
Enduring and lasting relationships with our customers are based on trust. There is no pressure selling just good sound advice in fact we believe we are not here to sell you a vehicle, we are here to assist you in purchasing one.
This is proven by our continued high rate of repeat business.
Due to our high turnaround of vehicles and listening to our customers comments we have decided to open our own in house service and repair department, staffed by two very experienced mechanics. All parts and accessories readily supplied.

Service Solutions
Many consumers worry that if they buy a Japanese import then they will have difficulty in obtaining replacement parts or servicing problems. The main manufacturers have realised that they were missing out on this market and in their wisdom have decided to cater for this. We ourselves have not come across a problem yet and in some cases it has been next day delivery.  
Getting insurance in the past for your import may have been a problem. However some firms specialise in the business, you may be pleasantly surprised. If you have a problem then please phone or e-mail us and we will be happy to get you a quote. 

Saxon Motors Bournemouth
07889 424 719 or 01202 479 688

Why Imports?
The advantages of buying imported cars from Japan are numerous, the main attractions being cost, condition and specification. Japan has the second largest domestic automobile market in the world, with five premier manufacturers (Honda, Nissan, Mazda and Mitsubishi) competing passionately for business.
Generally, the condition of Japanese vehicles is far better than that of European counterparts. There is often low mileage on these cars, due to the driving environment. Japanese driving conditions are excellent, for example, the roads are not salted thus avoiding resulting corrosion problems.
Japanese imports have higher specification than their European equivalents, for example air conditioning and power steering are a standard on all cars. Indeed the Japanese expect as standard many of the options that we have to pay extra for when buying European.
Japanese car companies actively encourage customers to return their old cars in part-exchange for a new model, thus there is virtually no second hand market in Japan. The strict consumer protection laws in Japan mean that vehicles are exceptionally reliable.
Another reason for the superior condition of Japanese imported vehicles is the mandatory 'Shaken' (warranty of fitness) test that all Japanese cars must undergo. This test is far more detailed than European inspection and M. O. T test. The shaken that comes with a new car in Japan is valid for three years, but must be renewed at expiration on a biannual basis. This rule is enforced vigorously and the massive cost of renewing the Shaken, at an average of £1,000 sterling, is a huge incentive to Japanese drivers to trade their car in for a new one.
Consumers in Japan are required to provide proof of parking space for every vehicle when registering new and used cars. This is compulsory and scrupulously controlled to the extent that in most areas police will physically measure the parking space to ensure it is appropriately sized for the intended vehicle.
Due to the acute land shortages in Japan private parking costs up to £400 sterling a month for those that don't have space at their homes, and the majority don't, These types of expenditure make two car house holds the exception and severely limit the number of cars on the road. All these elements and others (including the driving of older cars limited to every other day usage) make new car purchases very appealing to consumers and contribute to sharp depreciation rates on used cars domestically.
It is this very steep depreciation which makes used cars in Japan economical enough to be viable for export throughout the world of the right hand drive countries.
Saxon Motors Bournemouth
07889 424 719 or 01202 479 688


Saxon Motors Supply a 3 month in-house mechanical and electrical warranty on all our vehicles purchased. Saxon Motors offer a 12/24/36 month insurance based warranty available on all vehicles. These warranties can be used at any
V. A. T. registered garage.

Parts and Labour are covered and within the period of insurance the number of claims are unlimited.

Areas covered include:
Air Conditioning
Fuel System
4x4 Vehicles
4x4 Differential
4x4 Transfer Box
Front and rear wheel drive vehicles

Full details are below (terms and conditions apply)

Manual Gearbox
The following internal mechanical components are covered: Gears and gear clusters, selectors and shafts, synchromesh assemblies, bushes, ball and roller bearings, needle bearings and transfer gears. (Excluding Oil leaks).
Automatic Gearbox
The following internal mechanical components are covered: Governor, valve block, oil pump, gears, brake bands, servos, clutches, seals, shafts, bearings and bushes, modulator valve and transfer gears.
Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT/CTX):
All internal mechanical components and seals.
(Excluding Oil leaks).
Torque Converter
All internal mechanical components and seals.
Release (thrust) bearing, centre plate (including
oil contamination - centre plate only), pressure
plate, master and slave cylinders, clutch cable
including self adjusting mechanism and clutch
Propshaft, universal joints and couplings,
bearings and rubber couplings. Includes front
and rear transfer shafts 4x4 vehicles. (Excluding:
Wheel Bearings:
Front and rear wheel bearings.
Suspension and Steering:
Steering rack and pinion, power steering rack,
steering box, power steering box, idler box,
power steering pump and reservoir, coil springs,
wishbones and ball-joints, hydrolastic displacer
units. (Excluding: Gaiters, oil leaks, tracking and
Hydropneumatic Suspensions:
Accumulator sphere, fluid pressure control valve,
suspension spheres and high pressure pump.
(Excluding: Gaiters, oil leaks, tracking and
Braking System
Brake master cylinder, callipers, wheel cylinders,
brake bias/restrictor valve, vacuum servo and
brake vacuum pump. (Excluding: Corroded or seized components). Anti Lock Brake System (ABS): Factory fitted anti-lock braking systems are covered. (Excluding: Wiring and connection faults). Cover only applies if noted on the proposal form and the additional premium has been received. Electrical:
Alternator, voltage regulator, starter motor (including solenoid - pre-engaged type), starter solenoid (inertia drive starters), electric window motors and switches, indicator relay, front and rear windscreen wiper motor, front and rear windscreen washer motor, ignition coil, glowplug relay (diesel vehicles), ,  electric sun roof motor and switch, central locking systems (excluding remote control unit and wiring), distributor, electronic ignition module, electrical radiator fan and temperature sensing switch, oil pressure sensor, indicator and wiper switches (column stalks), heater fan motor, fuel tank sender unit, horn and electric fuel pump.
Electric Control Unit
Air Conditioning:
Factory fitted air conditioning systems are covered (Excluding: Pipes, unions, wiring and receiver drier). Regassing:
Within the limits of indemnity, where the replacement of a covered component requires re-gassing of the system, a maximum of £40. VAT will be contributed (routine maintenance re-gassing is not covered). Cover only applies if noted on the proposal form and the additional premium has been received. Working Materials /Casings: Should any authorised repair to any of the above components require essential replacement of or topping up of lubricants, oils or coolant or replacement of the oil filter or replacement of casings these shall be covered as part of total claim (within policy limits).
Failure Of The Following Specialist Diesel Components.
Fuel Injection pump, low pressure supply pump, fuel injector governor, fuel shut off mechanism, hydraulic or electrical injection timing mechanism, high pressure fuel metering head, cold starting device, manifold boost pressure compensator, altitude compensator where fitted. Pump drive gear, glow plug relay, mechanism lift pump, brake vacuum pump.
(Excluding: Fuel lines, Injectors, glow plugs, high pressure pipes, injection timing adjustments, calibration, bench testing and emission test failures).  



Saxon Motors Dorset Ltd
64-70 Bridge Street
Christchurch, Dorset
BH23 1EB


Phone: 01202 479 688
Mobile: 07889 424 719
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Delica Owners Club
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